Virtual Reality Displays and Solutions

Virtual Reality solutions tailored to meet customers project needs.

Virtual Reality gives users cost and time savings on their projects. Be they the development of new prototypes in the automotive and aerospace industries, or the analysis of information and big data in the Oil & Gas industry. By being able to review, improve and validate designs and information, virtually, costs, time and waste are saved, and risks reduced, when the project moves into the physical stage. This in turn makes projects more efficient and effective, helping users get new products to market faster, or take the optimum decision from a range of choices.

Antycip Simulation have been supporting organisations from a broad range of industries, the military and academia, across the World, for over fifteen years, in implementing effective virtual reality displays and solutions.

This depth of experience has given Antycip Simulation a market leading level of professional expertise in the consultation, design, and installation of complex and leading edge virtual reality solutions.

The key area of expertise lies in delivering medium to large scale multi-channel stereoscopic Power Walls and Cave® style solutions. Plus the combination of these with spatial tracking technologies (both infra-red and optical), head mounted displays, and various interactive devices so that the users can be fully immersed within the virtual environment.

This expertise is backed up by a comprehensive range of suppliers, with whom Antycip Simulation work to source the best specialist and off the shelf hardware and software technologies for customers projects.