Scalable Network Technologies

Serious about making networks work

Scalable uses state-of-the-art network simulation technology to deliver communication design & analysis tools, and cyber training systems, to organisations and institutions around the world.

Their solutions use virtual models of operational network scenarios, good and bad, with accuracy and repeatability, taking into account application behaviour, congestion, operator error, interference, urban density, weather, terrain, equipment failure, and cyber-attacks.

With their products, organisations:

  • Design new communications technology, new network architectures, and new modes of operation
  • Plan deployments, reconfigurations and upgrades of all types of communications networks
  • Test the reliability and resiliency of networks in rapidly changing environments, systems inter-operability in times of technology transition, and vulnerabilities to cyber-attack
  • Deploy equipment in a low-risk manner by enabling virtual systems tests before significant physical investment
  • Train network architects on the effective design, and network users on the effective use, of dynamic, multi-vendor, mission-critical communications systems in a systematic, cost-effective manner

Partner’s website: Scalable Network Technologies