Advanced visualisation solutions for 3D applications - display virtual prototypes directly from a PC into a virtual environment for project design, planning or reviews

Founded in 2004, and headquartered in Paris, TechViz is a software company providing advanced visualisation solutions for 3D applications. Their breakthrough software technology helps to display virtual prototypes directly from user’s PC’s - 3D CAD, PLM, geospatial and simulation applications - into a virtual environment for project design, planning or review.

The software’s portfolio of features and options help simulate a working prototype, fine tune a new model design, validate the desired product performance, or evaluate the impact of a product’s usage within its operating environment. TechViz’s product portfolio represents a collaborative tool and virtual visualisation solution to help accelerate development and planning cycles.

TechViz software also helps open doors to new functionalities with existing 3D applications without the need for programming development or data conversion. From the desktop to complex immersive displays, TechViz provides many benefits by being able to send 3D models to any type of virtual reality display system.

The TechViz product range provides all the solutions needed to get the best and the most from 3D visualisation

  • TechViz XL - a simple to use software for displaying 3D models via large display solution (e.g. CAVE, HMD, visualization wall). TechViz XL allows users to work directly within their chosen 3D application (TechViz XL supports over 250 applications), while seeing their 3D model displayed in real-time on a display screen or in an immersive room, as it removes the need to convert the model data or use specialized software. By eliminating the converting process, TechViz XL accelerates the iterative process and helps users get to their solution faster.
  • TechViz VR – a software to display 3D models on any HMDs: virtual reality headsets, augmented reality headsets or mixed reality headsets.
  • TechViz Collaborative – this solution for VR collaboration enables to improve communication between team members, working, sharing thoughts and making changes on the same 3D model, in real time. Different users can work together from different vr systems and from anywhere in the world. A multisite and multidevice solution.
  • TechViz Virtual Workbench - a range of solutions for tracking activity in virtual 3D environments:
    • Human Body Tracking - displays a virtual human body in the 3D scene using a real-time, full body motion tracking system. Enabling the user to validate the ergonomic factors for various human tasks, such as reach analysis or the collisions between the body and the 3D model.
    • Virtual Assembly - allows users to select and interactively move parts of a 3D model, to view collisions, so as to create correct assembly and maintenance instructions.
    • Finger Tracking - displays a virtual hand in the 3D scene based on a real-time, full hand motion tracking system. This is used for detailed reach analysis studies and to view collisions with the model.

  • TechViz Fusion - runs multiple applications together without the need for data conversion. Users can make changes in the native applications and see the results instantly in a merged 3D view.
  • TechViz Turbo - improves the performance of 3D applications, transparently, by boosting their rendering performance. By using TechViz Turbo users can work directly in their native application and navigate in very large 3D models. TechViz Turbo also optimizes Open GL and dynamic load balancing and increases your software interactivity.
  • TechViz Digital Review - offers a set of intuitive functionalities to help with virtual prototyping project reviews; prepare pre-set views, do interactive measurements, manipulate clipping plans, take snapshots, select and hide parts or add annotations directly on the model.
  • TechViz TV - adds a dimension of depth to better understand the complexity of 3D datasets during project reviews. By connecting a stereo 3D TV or monitor to your regular workstation, stereo 3D is immediately enabled with over 250 commercial 3D applications without any data conversion. Use any stereo 3D eyewear or glasses-free autostereoscopic 3D monitor display.

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