Experience the value of simulation in construction, Adderbury, UK, July 25/26

Antycip Simulation, our expert partner in construction simulation, CM Labs, and CITB, the UK’s largest construction trainer, will be sharing insights and best practice in simulation-based training for the construction industry

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The construction industry has seen steady growth over the past decade. However, finding skilled crane and heavy equipment operators has proven to be increasingly difficult.

The investment in simulation-based training not only helps to fill employee and training gaps, but does so in a cost-effective, efficient, and safety conscious way.

Where: The Hub, Antycip Simulation UK Office & Demonstration Centre, Adderbury, Oxfordshire

When: July 25 / July 26 (10 AM - 4 PM)

What you’ll learn: Each one-day event is based around demonstrating the return on investment that simulation has brought to others and can bring to your team.

In these sessions attendees will:

  • Test-drive their choice of crane or heavy equipment on the immersive Vortex Advantage simulator
  • Hear how CITB has successfully implemented simulation into its training curriculum
  • Discover ways that CITB and other Antycip Simulation and CM Labs clients have cut costs by investing in Vortex® simulators
  • Learn about CM Labs’ current lineup of simulation-based construction training offerings
  • Have an opportunity to ask questions and have honest conversations with CM Labs, Antycip Simulation, and CITB representatives

To register for the event, please contact Antycip Simulation on 01869 343033, or via email, or use the web form on the CM Lab’s page for this event, found here.