Open Days Digital Projection and TechViz, 10-11 July, Manchester, UK

[SAVE THE DATE] Open Days, Multi-View 3D in 4K

In July, you are invited to participate in the Open Days organised by Antycip, Digital Projection and TechViz in Manchester:

Held in the Digital Projection offices in Manchester on Wednesday 10th and Thursday 11th July, this is a unique opportunity to discover the new Multi-View 3D Capable Insight 4K HFR 360 projector. This solid state laser projector enables multiple users to experience their own unique and dynamically tracked point of view as they are immersed within 3D content displayed at a native 4K resolution..

Prior to the launch of Digital Projection’s newest product, 3D display technology suffered from a significant immersive and collaborative limitation:

Multiple users of a single display shared the same perspective of the content and simply could not explore the 3D virtual environments independently as they would expect to in real life. Today Digital Projection break that barrier with the innovative INSIGHT 4K HFR 360 Multi-View 3D projector, which can finally offer a truly immersive, collaborative and interactive 3D experience for up to three simultaneous users working side by side.

With Multi-View 3D projection, a single projector, with ultra-fast frame rates can accommodate simultaneous dynamic views upon the same display surface updated in real-time and appropriate to their rapidly changing perspectives. This capability fosters collaborative working inside the same 3D datasets but can even be used to view three different applications at the same time upon the same display opening up a host of new and interesting possibilities.

Paired with TechViz XL virtual prototyping software, industrials can now instantaneously display their 3D CAD models on any Immersive Display, saving valuable and costly engineering time by simplifying the traditional workflow to VR enable their mixed applications.

This allows users to identify errors during the early stages of a products conception, saving considerable time and money during the design phases that follow.
Now that Techviz with Digital Projection can combine the power of their visual collaboration technologies, decision making processes are accelerated like never before.

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