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Professional grade projection & display solutions, a weak link sport?

Football has been described as a weak link sport, as teams succeed when all their players are above average. (...)

Experts met at the International Astronautical Congress in Bremen

The Space industry met in Bremen at the start of October More experts from industry, research and space agencies (...)

Success stories: VT MAK Simulation & Interoperability user conference

Major international actors in the defence simulation community met last week at The Hub, Antycip Simulation’s UK (...)

VT MAK introduces Sensor Operator Role for VR-Engage

VT MAK announces the release of the Sensor Operator Role for its VR-Engage software VR-Engage is VT MAK’s (...)

Over twenty years of working together, and still going strong

Jonathan Searle, a Cranfield University Academic, responsible for the delivery of modelling and simulation to the (...)

Antycip Simulation wins a 2018 Install award

We are very pleased and very proud to announce that Antycip Simulation won the Install Award 2018 for the Education (...)

Antycip makes the front cover

We are very pleased to announce that AV Technology Europe has featured our work, the TORE, at Lille University, on (...)

Antycip is shortlisted for a 2018 Install award

We are very pleased to announce that we have been shortlisted for an Install award for project excellence in the (...)

Installation interview Antycip about VR

Our UK commercial development manager, John Mould, was recently interviewed by Duncan Proctor of Installation (...)

VT MAK announces VR Engage 1.2

VT MAK announces the release of VR-Engage 1.2; First launched in May 2017, VR-Engage is MAK’s multi-role virtual (...)

TORE - the evolution of the VR CAVE?

Picture a half sphere, flattened at its two poles, giving 180 degrees of view, with no vertical sides or joins, and (...)

Cyber defence training 2.0

Scalable releases new version of Network Defense Trainer, with improved features and enhancements to cyber defence (...)

Benefits of Simulation-Based Training for the Armed Forces

Simulation software has become an invaluable training tool for the armed forces, offering trainees a unique and (...)

AV Magazine Interviews Antycip about VR

Johan Besnainou, our Regional Director for France and Spain, and leading expert in professional grade virtual (...)

Antycip Simulation - finalist for an AV Award

We are very pleased and very proud to announce that Antycip Simulation has been shortlisted as a finalist for an AV (...)

Antycip Simulation wins an Install award

We are very pleased and very proud to announce that Antycip Simulation won the Install Award 2017 for the Best (...)

AV Magazine - Seeing is believing

AV Magazine article on Virtual Reality features insight from Antycip Simulation’s leading VR expert, Johan Besnainou (...)

VT MAK release VR-Forces 4.5

This major feature release adds many new features, while continuing to make significant improvements to the (...)

Our new look

Antycip Simulation started way back in 1996 selling COTS software into the French defence industry. Twenty one (...)

VT MAK announce VR Engage

An out of the box multi-role virtual simulator. Our sister company, VT MAK has announced a game changing product (...)

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