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Diamond Visionics release GenesisRTX Version 10.5

Diamond Visionics has released GenesisRTX version 10.5 with some major technology upgrades and new feature enhancements for higher quality visuals.

GenesisRTX 10.5 focuses on Performance, OTW/Sensors, Multi-window configuration development and enriched full-scene run-time shadows with improved accuracy.

Diamond Visionics says the GenesisRTX 10.5 upgrade expands and refines its current Genesis family of software products by improving realism to train the next generation of Pilots and Command and Control personnel. The new optimisation of GenesisRTX 10.5 offers more realistic and scalable environments for trainee immersion.

The OTW/Sensors upgrade will offer a range of effective tools for situational awareness, threat replication and immersive training. The added multi-window control API functions to serve as a framework to facilitate better per-window resource management. Smooth dynamic shadows all correlated to the sun and moon position on the ground, buildings and moving entities all add importance to the realistic environment.

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