Software Applications

A comprehensive portfolio of COTS based software applications and hardware systems, for simulation, training, modelling, analysis and planning, across air, ground, sea, space, and cyber domains

  • STK
  • Detailed, highly accurate domain-specific calculations for land, sea, air, and space-based systems
  • QualNet
  • Design large communicaton networks, analyse their performance and optimise them with what-if analyses
  • EXata
  • Comprehensive emulation of large wired and wireless networks, to predict behaviour and performance
    Terrain & Visualisation
  • GenesisIG
  • Virtual worlds in real time
  • Trian3DBuilder
  • Setting new standards in the creation and editing of digital landscapes.
  • SenSim
  • SenSim – EO and IR sensor simulation with real time effects.
  • Blueberry3D
  • For the rapid creation and visualisation of richly detailed 3D databases
  • VR-Vantage
  • Beautiful scenes, flexible configuration and informative content
  • Harris MapMart
  • The World’s geo-spatial data store
  • TerraTools
  • The complete simulation environment development toolkit
  • REALnat
  • Volumic 3D plant modelling.
  • VR-TheWorld Server
  • A world of terrain data, streamed for modelling and simulation
  • Vortex
  • A complete platform for simulating equipment and dynamic virtual environments.
  • VR-Forces
  • VR-Forces - a complete simulation solution.
  • GL Studio
  • High quality user interface modelling.
  • DI-Guy
  • Add life to your simulations
  • Network Defense Trainer
  • Network Defense Trainer, learn hands on skills without on the job dangers.
  • MyTraffic
  • Populate virtual and constructive simulations with realistic background traffic.
  • VR-Engage
  • A Multi-Role Virtual Simulator
  • WebLVC
  • Simple applications and interfaces to control complex simulations
  • VR-Exchange
  • A universal translator for distributed simulations
  • MAK Data Logger
  • Simulation recording and replay.
  • VR-Link
  • The World’s leading simulation networking toolkit.
  • High performance HLA Run Time Infrastructure.