Detailed, highly accurate domain-specific calculations for land, sea, air, and space-based systems

Rapid what-if analysis and course of action planning. Reduce the time to develop custom applications. Improve the quality of data outputs and presentations.

Systems Tool Kit (STK) is an industry leading, highly capable, free modelling environment used by thousands of engineers, mission analysts, and software developers to model complex systems (such as aircraft, missiles, satellites and their sensors), to analyse mission simulations, and to visualise dynamic datasets in 4D (X,Y,Z,time).

STK’s open API, file interoperability and add-on modules extend these core capabilities, and solutions can be deployed using software development kits and servers. Additionally, STK users can share results such as reports, graphs and HD videos with colleagues, managers and decision makers.

STK’s add-on modules provide more sophisticated modelling, simulation and analysis capabilities, adding mission-specific depth to the breadth of STK. Each add-on module comes installed with STK and is unlocked with a license file.

STK Free is a physics-based modelling, simulation and analysis tool with an integrated 4D (X,Y,Z,Time) interactive globe;

  • Model - extensive database of models, and create platforms & payloads
  • Analyse - line-of-sight calculations and geometry constraints
  • Visualise - 2D and 3D windows with a timeline view
  • Extend - open API and file interoperability
  • Share - custom data products and HD video

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