MAK Data Logger

Simulation recording and replay. MAK Data Logger - an HLA and DIS data collection and playback system.

The MAK Data Logger is an easy-to-use system for capturing and replaying simulation data. Using the intuitive GUI, users can record High Level Architecture (HLA) or Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) messages to a file and replay them for easy analysis and After-Action Review. The MAK Data Logger provides standard DVR-like features including pause, fast forward, and slow motion, to create more effective demonstrations and analysis.

Using the Logger Toolkit, users can visually edit their simulation recordings much like an audio or video editor. They can cut out unwanted sections of their recordings, create new Logger files by merging, offsetting, or concatenating existing recordings, or break a long scenario into individually playable sections for easy viewing and editing.

The Logger Toolkit makes it easy for users to make the Logger an important component in a larger system such as an After Action Review (AAR) or Data Analysis system.

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