High performance HLA Run Time Infrastructure. MÄK RTI is a proven solution that enables High Level Architecture (HLA) federations to rapidly and efficiently communicate.

Performance by Design. MÄK RTI has been chosen for both large and small federations because of its support for a wide variety of network topologies and architectures (including sender-side filtering for efficient WAN operation), ease of configuration, and its range of supported platforms. With MÄK RTI, connecting to an HLA federation is as intuitive as connecting a laptop to a WiFi network. An RTI configuration GUI allows users to switch between lightweight and fully-featured modes, choose from a list of available connections on their network, and even launch and configure a new rtiexec.

  • MÄK RTI can support a variety of simple or complex network configurations, from simple multicast traffic with no rtiexec or RTI Forwarder to complex hierarchical forwarder networks.
  • RTI Forwarders can be used to link different sites over the WAN, or just distribute TCP traffic load over multiple machines.
  • Network packets can be compressed or bundled to optimise for throughput or processor utilisation.
  • The RTI also includes smart forwarding and multicast filtering to efficiently filter messages that are not needed by all federates.

No matter how complex a network environment is, MÄK RTI can be configured for optimal performance.

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