The World's leading simulation networking toolkit. VR-Link: HLA & DIS simulation networking.

The VR-Link toolkit provides an easy way to network simulators and other virtual reality applications. It uses a protocol independent API that abstracts away specific networking details and provides users software with support for industry standard High Level Architecture (HLA) and the Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) protocols.

  • VR-Link is an object-oriented C++ toolkit that simulation developers use to quickly and easily build HLA, and DIS compliant applications.
  • It provides a set of libraries that implement a stable, consistent, and documented API (Application Programmer’s Interface) above the various protocols.
  • When users link their application they simply pick a protocol specific library to use. To use a different protocol, just relink the application.
  • By using VR-Link, developers are free to concentrate on the specific goals of the project, rather than spending time worrying about the details of networking protocols.
  • A few calls to VR-Link’s functions replace the thousands of lines of code that would otherwise need to be written, saving time and money on development and maintenance.

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