Generate scenarios and populate virtual worlds for training, modelling and analysis

Antycip Simulation has an established track record in understanding the hardware and software requirements needed to meet customer’s simulation solution needs, at the price required.

Simulations come in all shapes, sizes and complexities, to meet a wide range of objectives. From the training of individual ground troops, to providing hi-fidelity high frame rate environments for training jet pilots, through to the displaying of university students design projects.

Whether clients are interested in displaying a simulated full scale vehicle, a person, a crane cab or a ship’s bridge, Antycip Simulation has designed and delivered a huge variety of simulations.

The displays used vary from simple arrays of flat panels to seamless multichannel projector solutions deployed in domes, hemispheres and other configurations.

Antycip Simulation’s expertise is in both the qualification of the operational constraints the customer faces and in helping them to explore their options, so that they get the simulator they need and can afford.

These capabilities and expertise have been used across the World, with Antycip Simulation providing solutions addressing projects such as these:

  • Air traffic control simulators
  • Cranes and heavy equipment simulators
  • Driving simulators for all sorts of civil and military vehicles
  • Flight simulators, for fixed wing, rotary, UAV, civil and military
  • Gunnery and weapons trainers
  • Air marshalling trainers
  • Virtual maintenance trainers
  • Ships bridge simulators
  • Remote operated vehicle simulators
  • Battlespace simulators
  • Vortex
  • A complete platform for simulating equipment and dynamic virtual environments.
  • VR-Forces
  • VR-Forces - a complete simulation solution.
  • GL Studio
  • High quality user interface modelling.
  • DI-Guy
  • Add life to your simulations
  • Network Defense Trainer
  • Network Defense Trainer, learn hands on skills without on the job dangers.
  • MyTraffic
  • Populate virtual and constructive simulations with realistic background traffic.
  • VR-Engage
  • A Multi-Role Virtual Simulator