Add life to your simulations DI-Guy models and visualises realistic human characters, simulating their motions and behaviour, in real-time, allowing you to rapidly create and populate scenarios with intelligent acting characters. Which means that, with DI-Guy your simulations will be more realistic, and through this, the training, more effective.

With a multi-layered capability, a huge library of life-like human models and easy to use editing tools, DI-Guy integrates with your image generator, making it effortless to create realistic scenarios, tailored to suit the simulation and training requirements. Additionally, as all of this can be managed in real time, DI-Guy offers even greater flexibility within the simulation, and thereby better use of training time and resources.

Ultimately, DI-Guy simplifies and speeds up the task of adding realistic life-like humans to real-time 3D simulations, saving you time, saving you money, and improving the quality of the simulation’s end results.

The DI-Guy suite of products;

  • DI-Guy Software Development Toolkit (SDK) – the core of the DI-Guy product line, putting realistic human characters into your real-time visual simulations.
  • DI-Guy Scenario – a highly tailorable scenario generation programme enabling you to add real time interactive characters and activities into your simulation
  • DI-Guy AI - adds advanced artificial intelligence to DI-Guy Scenario, letting you create independent-thinking reactive agents, from individuals up to crowds.
  • DI-Guy Lifeform Server – combines the DI-Guy products with DIS/HLA Networking.
  • DI-Guy’s Enhanced Company Operations Simulation (ECOSim) - a company-level training simulation that teaches leaders how best to deploy troops, UAVs, and other assets.
  • DI-Guy Motion Editor - add and extend motion behaviours for DI-Guy SDK and DI-Guy Scenario characters.
  • DI-Guy Expressive Faces - facial animation for realistic, up-close 3D human simulation.

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