Populate virtual and constructive simulations with realistic background traffic.

MyTraffic is an easy to use middleware solution for simulating realistic background traffic.

Within MyTraffic, each vehicle is an individual entity with its own goals and reactions. For example, each vehicle can follow a given route, take into account priority rules, traffic signs and other vehicles, making for a realistic simulation of traffic patterns.

From this basis, using intelligent, autonomous and interactive vehicle behaviours, a range of different traffic scenarios can be designed and implemented. The range of variables includes different driver and vehicle templates, which can be used to change the perception and behaviour of the drivers, and the physical and dynamic properties of the vehicles, such as size, and acceleration rate. Additionally the construction of road infrastructures is handled by the MyTraffic editor, as an automated process, from source data, such as OpenStreetMap, making for the easy and realistic modelling of real world traffic situations.

MyTraffic – the complete traffic simulator

  • Ease of use: MyTraffic gives users the ability to create general traffic parameters with the use of vehicle and driver templates, or to customise the traffic down to individual vehicle level, with the MyTraffic SDK.
  • Autonomy: MyTraffic also has the option of using an autonomous solution, based on geo-specific or geo-typical simulations, such as major city or conurbation areas from around the World.
  • Reusability: With MyTraffic users can build multiple scenarios, and both reuse and consolidate them as they see fit.
  • Scalable: My Traffic can support large scale simulations via automated terrain generation processes and scenario creation.
  • Integration: MyTraffic is designed as a middleware and can be integrated with any kind of runtime environment such as Man in the loop simulation, CGF, dedicated server, 3D visualisation platform, etc.
  • Interoperability: MyTraffic Server is available as an off the shelf application that can distribute users traffic simulations over DIS, HLA 1.3, 1516 and evolved by leveraging the VR-Link networking toolkit from VT MAK.

Additionally MyTraffic is supported by a range of professional services, designed to complement and enhance its use;

  • Customisation for increasing the number of features provided by MyTraffic.
  • Training on:
    • Configuration and use of MyTraffic
    • Advance model design
  • User support assistance:
    • Online help - for queries and advice on the use of MyTraffic
    • Online updates - for release of intermediate fixes and sample models
    • Online release - for MyTraffic upgrades
    • On-site user support