Network Defense Trainer

Network Defense Trainer, learn hands on skills without on the job dangers.

Use emulated real world networks for Cyber-Defence training.

Virtually every commercial, civil and military network is under continuous threat of cyber-attack. Network operators and users need to know how to both recognise when they are under attack, and then how to mitigate any performance or security impact.

While this knowledge can be gained from study, CBT and lectures, real value comes from hands on training with the network that operators and users are working with every day. However, running cyber-attacks on their own network, regardless of intent, is not a realistic solution.

Network Defense Trainer provides a practical alternative, by enabling guided free-play exercises which allow trainees to acquire measurable hands-on skills, from a virtual network model that accurately emulates the operators and users network.

Trainees have the opportunity to apply knowledge in realistic, stressful situations in a high fidelity virtual environment. This fast paced training is centred on awareness, reaction time, correct action, cyber defences, workarounds, and countermeasures. This provides training for situational awareness and rapid correct responses, plus the lessons learned can be reinforced with After Action Reviews that show trainees and observers what actually happened and why.

Everyone from the CEO or mission commander to network administrators can be trainees in the same exercise, using real tools, and learning what to expect during cyber-attack and how to react.

Trainees learn how to act individually and as part of a team. Teams learn to work together effectively as they attempt to counter cyber-attacks.

Additionally, both live and virtual hosts can be connected to the virtual network model, and the system can be federated with other training simulators (e.g. CGF capabilities) to create powerful training solutions covering all elements of a conflict environment, from fast jets, to ground troops, to cyber, to command & staff.

Network Defense Trainer provides operational training in:

  • Detecting when something is wrong
  • Quickly assessing what is happening
  • Containing the attack
  • Taking countermeasures
  • Modifying operations and assuring the mission

Network Defense Trainer’s unique advantages are;

  • Effectively represent mobile wireless equipment and applications (and the vulnerabilities they include) as they interoperate with wired network infrastructures.
  • Accurately model the information transport fabric between servers and end-point systems in high fidelity to better demonstrate the effects of cyber-attacks.
  • Seamlessly integrate (federate) with other training systems such as air traffic control, flight training, and kinetic battlefield simulators.

Network Defense Trainer includes models for;

  • Network security
  • Firewalls
  • Port and network scanning
  • Eavesdropping
  • Jammers
  • Denial of Service
  • Stimulate Intrusion Detection System
  • Signals Intelligence
  • O/S resource models
  • Vulnerability exploitation
  • Virus attacks
  • Worm and virus propagation
  • Antivirus
  • Backdoors, rootkits
  • Host models
  • Botnets
  • Security logs and audit trails
  • Coordinated attacks
  • Adaptive attacks

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