A complete platform for simulating equipment and dynamic virtual environments. With Vortex, augment skills and reduce risks, by building reliable virtual training and test solutions for vehicles and mechanical equipment.

Vortex is a software platform for creating interactive vehicle and mechanical equipment simulations in a huge range of realistic virtual environments, for operator training and systems testing.

Dynamic simulations created with Vortex behave just like the real thing, including accurate multi-body motion, constraints and collisions.

Vortex includes comprehensive engineering-grade modules for vehicle, cable systems, and earthwork simulations.

With support for standard engineering tools and integrated testing and verification capabilities, Vortex is easy to use and built for reliability.

The Vortex platform includes all the core elements and modules needed to create interactive vehicle and mechanical equipment simulations in realistic virtual environments:

  • Vortex Dynamics Software – specifically designed for high-fidelity, interactive simulation of the mechanical dynamics and contact physics of vehicles, robots and heavy equipment.
  • Vortex Editor – a desktop based editing tool for rapid creation and modification of mechanisms and scenes. Equipped with live testing and validation capabilities, allowing editing of mechanisms while running the simulation and making changes immediately without having to run an external application.
  • Vortex Dynamics for Vehicles – an add on module that provides additional vehicle simulation services and utilities for both tracked and wheeled vehicles. Including engine, transmission, suspension and steering simulation modules. The interaction between the terrain and tyres can also be parametrised to account for varying traction performance on different terrain such as mud, sand or asphalt.
  • Vortex Dynamics for Cable Systems – an add on module that provides realistic behaviour for heavy-equipment, marine, and subsea cables. Ideal for simulating hoisting equipment, wire, rope and chain, as well as robot tethers.
  • Vortex Earthworks Systems – an add on module that allows users to easily add earth moving capabilities to simulations, including related vehicles and terrain zones where tools can interact with a range of soil materials.
  • Vortex Marine - visualise and simulate sea and subsea vessels, with realistic wave and underwater effects. Quickly define sea state using the Beaufort or Douglas scale, and customise sea state to produce wave heights and motion consistent with any wind speed and direction.
  • Vortex Human - add lifelike human characters to simulations, from port and construction workers to offshore platform riggers and soldiers, Vortex Human characters move and behave just like real people.
  • Vortex Player – a desktop application for viewing and interacting with simulations created with Vortex Dynamics and the Vortex Editor.

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