Cyber Defence Training

With technology continuing to develop at a rapid pace, both the public and private sectors are under continuous threat of a serious cyber-attack

To reduce the threat of serious network and service disruption or breach of information security, it’s essential that network operators and users are highly skilled in how to swiftly identify when they are under attack and react accordingly to mitigate the threat.

Cyber defence training simulation software is made to emulate the network that operators and users work with on a day-to-day basis, making training true-to-life and giving trainees the knowledge, experience and confidence they need to deal with a cyber attack swiftly.

Are you prepared in the event of a cyber attack?

Cyber attacks on commercial, civil and military networks are becoming increasingly commonplace and can be at best expensive, and at worst, very dangerous.

Are you and your network operators prepared in the event of a cyber attack?

A cyber attack can come in many different forms including firewall assaults, viruses, eavesdropping and denial of service. As technology continues to develop, cyber attacks will continue to be a rapidly evolving and complex threat landscape.

As well as posing a threat to business’ sensitive data, assets and security, there is growing concern about the increasing risk of a cyber attack on critical infrastructure.

The military are also finding that cyberspace is now part of the new multi domain battlefield.

Protecting your network and preparing network operators and users for the event of a cyber attack is absolutely critical to the safety of both public and private sectors.

A powerful cyber defence training solution

Scalable Network’s cyber defence simulation software, Network Defense Trainer, offers trainees an invaluable hands-on experience using a virtual network model that emulates the network they work with on a day-to-day basis for a consistent, joined up approach to training.

Training network operators in cyber defence using a realistic, high fidelity, virtual environment offers fast-paced training that prepares them for stressful, real-world situations.

Simulation software allows trainees to apply their knowledge in realistic scenarios, improve their reactions and practice cyber defence workarounds and countermeasures.

Situations and responses can also be reviewed afterwards to improve response time.

Flexible software solutions to suit your requirements

This flexible cyber defence training software works just as well as a stand-alone solution for training individuals as it does for team training.

The software can be connected to either live or virtual hosts and can easily be seamlessly connected to other simulators to create an even more powerful training solution.

Individuals at all different levels and from any department in a business or organisation can learn and benefit from cyber defence training, from a network administrator to the company CEO.

Cyber defence training using simulation software will equip individuals with the knowledge and confidence required to quickly identify a cyber attack and react swiftly to contain the attack, take countermeasures and protect the network and the safety of your organisation.