Ground Mission Simulation

As ground based missions grow in complexity it is more important than ever that trainees across a variety of roles are offered realistic environments to learn and train in, from infantry and command staff to combat-oriented vehicle drivers.

Our cost-effective suite of ground based mission simulation software offers trainers the opportunity to create realistic and role-specific scenarios and environments for trainees to practice processes and making tactical, time-constrained decisions within.

Role-specific ground based mission simulation software

The information-rich environment and realistic scenarios emulated using simulation software make it easy for trainees to really immerse themselves and visualise the battle-space in all of its complexity.

It is also a very flexible platform for trainers, allowing them to create realistic scenarios, control the simulation in real-time and observe and evaluate the trainees’ decisions and performance.

Complex role-specific training solutions can be made using one or multiple simulation softwares.

Infantry Training

With VR Engage from VT MAK we have a first person simulation that can bring alive a complex and realistic virtual environment and build the perfect infantry training package.

Additionally, as well as dismounted infantry operations, APC, MICV, MRAP and soft vehicle operations, comprised of a commander, gunner and driver, all in first person, can also be simulated. With this infantry combat teams can learn to work together within the simulation in real-time and if the scenario calls for it, are able to smoothly interchange between roles.

The trainers in charge of the scenario can control the simulation in real-time using a combination of additions from VR-Forces and VR-Advantage to populate the virtual world with both friendly and hostile forces, civilians and objects to challenge trainees and tailor the simulated experience to their training needs.

Command staff training

Command staff can be trained in Command and Control or Mission Command systems including intel and surveillance using VT MAK’s realistic command & staff training (CST) simulation software.

This simulation software allows instructors and trainees to work together to plan a battle or crisis intervention, conduct the exercise and then review the outcome, making it an invaluable tool when it comes to testing different tactics and validating plans.

Leaders from Squad Leader to Brigade Commander will benefit from practicing processes, communication and decision-making skills using realistic virtual reality environments.

Vehicle Driving

With CM Labs’ Vortex simulation software, trainees can train with an accurately simulated range of wheeled and tracked vehicles, from light combat equipment to amphibious vehicles and MBT’s.

The simulation software has a market leading physics engine, meaning that it offers a true-to-life driving experience that you could otherwise only get in the real vehicles

Using Vortex, any vehicle can be made to its manufacturer’s specifications and then employed in the simulation environment. And when there, the vehicles move and operate realistically, from the suspension, traction and gears to the way that they interact with different terrains.

Software to suit your requirements

Our range of simulation software can be combined to create a training solution that is perfect for your ground based mission training requirements.

Use virtual environments either in stand-alone mode with computer-generated enemies or in multiplayer mode, or in a combination of both, for collaborative battlefield learning.

Using simulation software for ground based mission training helps equip trainees from all different specialisms with the real-world skills that they need to carry out missions with knowledge, confidence and accuracy.