Multi Domain Battle

Simulation software for multi-domain battle training.

Multi-domain battle is a new concept created by the US armed forces in response to an increasingly intricate and dangerous battlefield.

This new concept will require extensive training to prepare forces for a more joined up and coordinated way of working.

Our suite of simulation software is the perfect solution for realistic and comprehensive modelling, simulation and training for multi-domain battle; with solutions for each domain, we create a fully integrated simulation solution that allows users to take action in one domain, and have its impact simulated in another.

For example, an air strike being co-ordinated by a JTAC has the communications between headquarters, the inbound aircraft and the JTAC observing the target hacked and compromised.

What is Multi-Domain Battle?

Multi-domain battle is a concept developed in response to new challenges being faced by the armed forces in an ever-evolving battlefield.

The battlefield is becoming increasingly unpredictable as adversaries become more advanced and the lines blur between ground, air, naval, space, electronic and even cyber forces.

Multi-domain battle allows forces in one domain to produce an effect in another domain, allowing all domains to synchronise and work effectively in conjunction with each other.

This joined up approach means that the enemy will become vulnerable in one area as they counteract an attack in another area; creating a temporary window of advantage.

The multi-domain battle concept enables forces to win by creating and exploiting these temporary windows across multiple domains on the battlefield.

New Training Requirements

The introduction of multi-domain battle strategy means that the armed forces have been faced with numerous new challenges as forces must become more flexible with an understanding of how to operate not just in one domain, but across all domains.

Multi-domain battle is a more effective but complex way of working and the armed forces need to equip its personnel with new skills and knowledge using thorough and realistic training.

Multi-domain battle simulation software solutions provide the armed forces with a realistic digital environment in which to train in new skills and help prepare for new challenges.