For the rapid creation and visualisation of richly detailed 3D databases Blueberry3D, a highly detailed, easily integrated procedural and dynamic terrain generation middleware solution.

Covering both the need for realistic, highly detailed visuals, inspired by videogames, and the capability to provide this over a wide terrain database, Blueberry3D’s combination of procedural and dynamic terrain technology offers a unique middleware solution for the visualisation & simulation industry.

“It was the use of the Blueberry3D software that allowed the generation of unprecedented levels of realism at low altitudes, without sacrificing the ability to use the same database for high altitude applications”
Principal Engineer, BAE Systems

Blueberry3D consists of a standalone Terrain Editor, a Real Time Integration Kit and a Tactical Terrain SDK

  • Blueberry3D Terrain Editor – a standalone content creation tool, with a logical and intuitive workflow allowing users to rapidly design a visual database directly from a combination of geographical raw data and existing 3D models
  • Blueberry3D RT Integration Kit – provides users with all the tools they need to fully integrate their Bluberry3D terrain database into their existing rendering engine. The kit consists of a software development kit (SDK), image generation plugin (for VR-Vantage, VegaPrime, and OSG) and an Optimiser, which helps users fine tune the visual quality and performance of their database. Additionally the real-time engine also supports dynamic terrain and content, making it possible to visualize in real-time the creation of craters from explosions, the digging of trenches or destroyed walls and other similar content.
  • Blueberry3D Tactical Terrain SDK - addresses non-visual applications that need to query the terrain, by providing Computer Generated Forces (CGF) based applications with the same level of detail and realism as the one displayed in the IG. It integrates specific procedural solving rules to support CGF back-ends’ needs and constraints in terms of terrain queries, number of entities and performances. It can perform thousands line of sight (LOS) or height above terrain (HAT) queries at the same time for entities spread all over the visual database. Blueberry3D Tactical Terrain SDK is provided with a VR-Forces plug-in sample and can also be used to work with physics engines (like Vortex SDK by CM LABS) in order to precisely react to a very refined terrain ground.

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