Virtual worlds in real time GenesisIG produces high fidelity visualisations from GIS source data, in real time. Which means that, with GenesisIG you can train with visualisations that are as up to date as the source data used to create them.

Unlike the traditional method of image generation, which takes lots of time to create the necessary databases from the source data, GenesisIG cuts out the database, and uses the source data to produce the images. That is, load from source at run-time.

This saves both time and money, but just as importantly, allows for fast updates to be made (in seconds rather than days, or weeks), as new source data becomes available. Permitting rapid mission turnaround training, and letting you spend time on mission rehearsal, not building databases.

Additionally, with its 60HZ output, the 3D scenes that GenesisIG creates are pinpoint sharp.

“We chose GenesisIG in our Typhoon Dome because of one major factor: on-the-fly Out-The Window imagery construction, reducing the need for costly resources dedicated to database construction, while capable of keeping a high update rate suitable for fighter simulations”.

Head of Simulation User Interfaces & Networks, Airbus Defence & Space

GenesisIG – Whole Earth, 60HZ, Day/Night/Sensor multiple channel visualisation software for flight, maritime, and ground simulation.

With GenesisIG you can make the following changes on screen, in real time;

  • Filter, convert and expand vector data
  • Modify the data and make linear, areal, and point changes
  • Include clipping, feathering, contrast and even floodlights
  • Synthesise multispectral imagery into geogeneric high resolution imagery and model representation
  • Construct parametric models such as roads, airports, bridges and animated lights
  • Select the best data for every elevation using overlapping source files

Partner’s website: Diamond Visionics