The complete simulation environment development toolkit Use cartographic source data to automatically and rapidly create high-fidelity terrain databases

TerraTools automates the construction of large area databases, with realistic and accurate terrain that corresponds to real world locations. These databases can then be correlated across multiple third party modelling and simulation runtimes, such as OneSAF, JCATS, SWORD, VBS3, Unity, OpenSceneGraph.

Key capabilities include

  • Automatically integrate transportation networks, linear and areal drainage features, and a variety of surface materials to improve the realism of natural and man-made materials and objects.
  • Large area terrain support through automation, batch processing, and paging.
  • Automatically generate buildings with detailed interiors, including complex roof shapes, stairways, rooms, basements, roof access points, windows, and doors from 2D blueprints.
  • Automatically generate underground structures, including pipelines, utility lines, and tunnels.
  • Parametrically generate bridges with user-defined bridge cross sections, including decks, pylons, and pavements to create a variety of bridge models tailored to the landscape and project requirements.
  • Parametrically scatter and automatically align models to create forested areas with varying tree models or urban centres with street signs and lights oriented to roads and buildings.
  • Over 650 unique 3D models and over 1,500 textures to support a variety of geospatial database generation tasks.

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