Setting new standards in the creation and editing of digital landscapes. Trian3DBuilder – fast, intuitive and powerful terrain generation.

Trian3DBuilder is a 3D terrain database generation system, which uses geo data, model library’s and further custom data sources to generate terrain visuals optimised for real-time rendering. Giving users the power to create terrain databases in a multitude of formats for various applications and simulation systems.

It offers comprehensive features for the generation of geo-specific, generic/geo-typical, or a mixture of the two, correlated terrains. With its simple workflow and modular construction templates, it’s easy to use and represents the optimal software for the production of each kind of terrain database.

Key Features

  • Geospecific, geotypic and generic databases
  • Ease of use, rapid database design and creation
  • Verification in integrated 3D viewer
  • Highly realistic, huge 3D environments with WYSIWYG editing
  • Generation of complex street networks with OpenDrive export
  • Generation of airports and buildings
  • Export in OpenSceneGraph, FLT/MFT, GDB, FBX, VBS2, Steel Beasts Pro, OBJ, STL, COLLADA, Havok Vision Engine
  • Multi-core and 64-bit support
  • Project wizard
  • SDK

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