VR-TheWorld Server

A world of terrain data, streamed for modelling and simulation

VR-TheWorld Server is a powerful web-based terrain streaming server that lets users stream in elevation, features, and imagery. It is delivered with a global base map, but users can populate it with their own custom source data through a web-based interface. The server can be deployed on private networks to provide streaming terrain data to a variety of simulation and visualisation applications, behind a firewall.

VR-TheWorld stores and streams elevation, imagery, and features including roads, buildings, and trees to multiple applications simultaneously. The quality of imagery and elevation data included with the server is continually expanded, while also allowing users to add their own geospatial data to distribute in real-time. VR-TheWorld Server is seeded with over two terabytes of global elevation and imagery data — pre-tiled for high performance access.

  • VR-TheWorld Server is ready out-of-the-box
  • The VR-TheWorld Server installation is a 1U rackmount chassis that houses the server and raid array. The hardware comes pre-installed and ready to go out of the box. A VR-TheWorld Server is a fully standalone version of VR-TheWorld and can be deployed behind firewalls and security barriers.
  • The VR-TheWorld Basemap has:
    • Global elevation. 90-meter (DTED Level 1) for the entire globe, based on the CGIAR-CSI version of NASA’s SRTM30 dataset, merged with SRTM30Plus bathymetry.
    • Global imagery. Landsat 7 (15m resolution for the entire globe) merged with NASA Blue Marble data (500m resolution), colour-corrected for seamless display, and pre-tiled to 7 mipmap levels.
    • High-resolution inset areas. The insets range from 1m to 15cm per pixel – including Boston, Washington, D. C., and two airport areas in Afghanistan.
    • Samples of 1:250,000 and 1:100,000 topographic maps in Southern California.
    • A highly detailed map of Hawaii

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