Patchwork 3D

Patchwork 3D - real time, photo realistic, digital prototyping software, from Lumiscaphe

Patchwork 3D, by Lumiscaphe, helps users transform CAD data into photorealistic 3D models for commercial and industrial use, be that design & review processes or digital sales & marketing materials.

Some of the core benefits of Patchwork 3D;

Rendering Consistency
The raytracer in Patchwork 3D is perfectly calibrated to the real-time render, meaning that models produced by design and engineering can be used for marketing purposes without any additional software.

Virtual Reality Compatibility
Patchwork 3D models are virtual reality ready. Pair Patchwork 3D with the Oculus Rift, the HTC Vive, or a VR CAVE system and discover the power of a project review in full-scale.

Virtual Model Examination
The high quality rendering at the heart of Patchwork 3D means that interactions and real-time navigation, using it, can’t be beaten when it comes to examining a virtual object that has yet to be physically produced.

Augmented Reality Compatibility
Open the door to augmented reality: use your tablet for photorealistic, real-time 3D views of your model in the real world.

Boundless Creativity
Modifying and applying materials in real-time frees users creativity through the instant feedback they get during the design process. Meaning that the only limit is the imagination.

Patchwork 3D - make it easy to use real-time rendering to help shorten design cycles, get to market faster and when there, to produce stunning digital renders for your communication and marketing activities.

Partner’s product website: Patchwork 3D