Flat Screen Displays

Large, non stereo single image displays from multiple projectors.

Flat Screen Displays Power walls

Large non stereo projected displays are often called power walls, and are used for command and control style (...)

Scalable Display Technologies
Any geometry, any number of projectors, one display.

VIOSO Anyblend
VIOSO Anyblend - the most powerful software solution for projector warping and soft edge blending requirements.

World class digital projection & display technologies.

Projection technology for a wide variety of markets

Digital Projection
A digital imaging pioneer

Phenomenal visual simulation from immersive, high-impact images.

Enable multiple users to connect simultaneously to a shared display, using a range of devices, over Wi-Fi or Ethernet.

Patchwork 3D
Patchwork 3D - real time, photo realistic, digital prototyping software, from Lumiscaphe