Virtual Reality TORE

Collaboratively exploring 3D environments without any viewing disruption

Located in La Plaine Image (Tourcoing, France), in a world first, The Open Reality Experience (TORE) takes immersive experience to new levels, providing users with the opportunity to collaboratively explore 3D environments without any viewing disruption, at 180° and with consistent user distance.

Designed, built and installed by Antycip Simulation, for the University of Lille, TORE is a one-of-a-kind, immersive tool for those who are working and conducting research in the area. The platform brings together social sciences, design and history and the digital world in a unique, innovative space which advances the capabilities of scientists and researchers at the University of Lille.

The full press release on the project can be read here, and below you will find some images from this incredibly unique project

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