TechViz XL

The essential tool for visualising 3D models as virtual reality prototypes

TechViz XL is the ideal solution for displaying 3D models on any VR display solution (e.g. CAVE, HMD), without any limitation for resolution, size, shape or performance.

TechViz XL eliminates the conventional need to spend time converting 3D models into data that can be viewed in a 3D VR display. This means that a 3D model can be looked at, reviewed, changed and re-reviewed almost instantly, simply by plugging it into TechViz XL. This means TechViz XL can accelerate design and validation processes, saving time and money.

  • Choose any screen size, and any kind of immersive display
  • Manipulate model data by simply pointing
  • Interact with the 3D scene in an immersive mode
  • Maximise the utilisation of 3D models
  • Improve understanding of the 3D data
  • Display in 1:1 scale
  • Works with over two hundred certified 3D applications
  • Intuitive interaction with the 3D model
  • Allows support for natural movement with a mouse or a joystick
  • No programming skills required

Partner’s website: TechViz