At Antycip Simulation, a core principle is that we seek to provide the right solution to meet the price, performance and quality requirements that the customer needs to achieve their project goals. Our independent approach allows us to do this with the widest range and the latest solutions.

A prime example of this approach is our working with a broad range of projector manufacturers, each with their own specialties. This gives us the flexibility needed to meet our customer’s project needs.

We cover the full range of projector technologies from LCOS, DLP ™, SXRD, and LED to Laser devices. In addition, as new projector technologies emerge, Antycip Simulation is always among the first to explore and introduce them to the market.

Many of the projectors that Antycip Simulation recommend and supply, are professionally certified and designed to meet multichannel configurations. This supports the growing interest in, and use of, stereoscopic 3D projection, for example in VR CAVE solutions. And you can be assured that Antycip Simulation has a wide range of projectors focused on this field offering, be it for passive, active, or Infitec stereo.

Additionally, Antycip Simulation can provide many different flat and rear projection solutions offering a variety of features, such as small LED bezel based multi-touch mosaic cabinets and stereoscopic capable panels.

  • Christie
  • World class digital projection & display technologies.
  • Barco
  • Projection technology for a wide variety of markets
  • Digital Projection
  • A digital imaging pioneer
  • Canon
  • Brighter thinking.
  • Sony
  • Phenomenal visual simulation from immersive, high-impact images.