VR Devices

A leading range of virtual reality devices to help you get the most and the best from your VR projects.

For over twenty years Antycip Simulation has been sourcing and supplying the very best in COTS technology products for projection, display and VR needs. From this experience we are able to offer you the very best body tracking, HMD, haptic devices, and eye tracking devices for virtual reality, from a range of market leading suppliers.

Additionally, we give you expert advice on the best hardware and software solutions to meet your project needs and budget requirements.

VR Devices
  • ART - Advanced Realtime Tracking
  • A leading manufacturer of high-end optical tracking systems for virtual and augmented reality.
  • Vicon
  • Powerful object tracking solutions providing unrivalled data accuracy for integration in to 3D applications.
  • Volfoni
  • Virtual reality immersion
  • ASVR Aquila - a one box solution for Virtual Reality
  • ASVR Aquila, a compact, portable one box solution for sharing virtual reality, face to face