ASVR Aquila - a one box solution for Virtual Reality

ASVR Aquila, a compact, portable one box solution for sharing virtual reality, face to face

We all know the benefits that come from communicating face to face – projects progress more rapidly, ideas are shared more easily, and understanding is stronger.

Virtual reality displays enhance this natural way of working, by providing greater insight, greater understanding and greater collaboration through better shared visualisation.

With the ASVR Aquila this becomes even easier. Meeting rooms can be simply and easily enhanced with a virtual reality display. Meetings become shared face to face virtual reality experiences, and projects, ideas and understanding grow stronger, more rapidly and more easily.

Key benefits of the ASVR Aquila;

  • Compact portable design
  • Set up in five minutes
  • Enhance face to face meetings with shared VR
  • Communicate in a natural way

For full details about ASVR Aquila, please see this leaflet, and if you’d like to arrange a demonstration, please contact your Antycip Simulation account manager, or your local Antycip office

PDF - 771 kb
ASVR Aquila digital leaflet