VIOSO Anyblend

VIOSO Anyblend - the most powerful software solution for projector warping and soft edge blending requirements. Embedded warping and blending for any visual application like simulators, signage and information displays as well as performance driven interactive solutions.

VIOSO Anyblend is the most user-friendly application on the market for creating seamless, scalable, high resolution displays utilising up to twelve projectors from a single machine.

Using VIOSO’s patented camera technology edge blended projections can be realised in minutes with outstanding quality on any surface. This is achieved by connecting projectors and any live camera to a PC and running the fully automatic setup.

VIOSO Anyblend is designed for use in control and conference rooms, shows, gaming, interactive signage and any application that needs scalable and flexible high resolution displays.

The hugely versatile VIOSO Anyblend enables the projection onto planar and curved screens, cylinders, spheres or any other shape you require.

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