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Our Vision

Our goal, for over twenty years, now and for the future, is to bring the latest technology for virtual reality, simulation and displays to our customers, and to work with them through close supportive partnership-based projects.

At our heart, we are a team of enthusiastic experts with leading-edge technologies from a collection of exceptional manufacturing partners. We combine these elements to bring you the best solutions, helping you implement them every step of the way.

We work with many pre-eminent players in their sectors – from leading universities, to winning sports teams, to multinational defence contractors, to noted engineering companies, to premier car manufacturers – helping them to improve at what they do.

And while technology and challenges move on, our passion to continuously use the latest tech to help address our customers newest challenges, will never cease.



Drawing on over twenty years of expertise, we can design, source and install anywhere your project needs us to.

Our work has taken us across the globe, with projects as far away as Australia and as close to home as our neighbours.



World Class

Demo Centres

Our Demo Centres bring together over twenty years of experience and expertise from working on a broad range of cutting-edge projects. Antycip customers visit the sites for demonstrations, training, testing and project reviews in ways which were not previously possible. This enables us to support them in finding the perfect solution for their projects.


Milan, Italy


Oxford, UK

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