ProgIST: A new partnership with the French Army


Antycip Simulation wins ProgIST, to become the French Army’s software vending partner.

GME Progist

The French Ministry of Armed Forces, Direction Générale de l’Armement (DGA), awarded an exclusive distribution contract to Antycip Simulation for the creation of a dedicated online portal to provide easy access, via a centralised system, for the French Army to purchase the software it needs. Antycip Simulation is the representative of a consortium where Agenium is our main partner.

Antycip Simulation, as the winning bidder, will exclusively deliver more than 300 types of software to the French Ministry of armed forces (DGA, DRM, AIA,…) for three years – renewable for three more years – through the ProgIST platform. Antycip Simulation & Agenium work closely to deliver the best experience for the French Army.

This is a new field of expertise for Antycip Simulation, and further demonstrates our ability to provide tailored solutions to meet customers’ application requirements.

“This new work extends our longstanding, trusted relationship with the French Army, into this new area.” explains Johan Besnainou, Antycip Simulation, Director for France and Spain.

In order to drive this project, Antycip has allocated resources and hired a new team member, dedicated to ProgIST and supported by Quentin Blancheri, Key Account manager.


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