VT MAK release VR-Forces 4.5

This major feature release adds many new features, while continuing to make significant improvements to the visuals, performance, and content.

Some of the highlights include:

  • Dynamic Terrain – the ability to damage buildings, trees, and bridges; open/close doors, and more
  • Pedestrian areas, and improved workflow and behaviours for crowds and pedestrian traffic
  • UI for creating and updating plans has been significantly improved for both readability and usability
  • Improved vehicle movement on roads
  • Many visual improvements from VR-Vantage 2.2, including High Dynamic Range rendering (HDR)
  • Improved CDB support, including run-time publishing of elevation and imagery layers

For full information on this major update, including release notes please follow this link to VT MAK’s announcement

Frank Reynolds, Marketing Manager, Antycip Simulation
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