The HIKER pedestrian VR CAVE

A VR Cave for Automated Vehicle design and the study of pedestrians interaction

The Highly Immersive Kinematic Experimental Research (HIKER) lab is the largest, ‘CAVE-based’ pedestrian simulation environment of its type in the world.

The HIKER lab allows participants to interact with a variety of urban environments and vehicles in a 9 x 4 m walking space with a level of real-world performance that is not possible using head-mounted Virtual Reality equipment.

The HIKER lab supports safe experimental research in a repeatable fashion in which a variety of variables can be varied with respect to a wide range of research questions – including Automated Vehicle design and human interaction, warning system design, and road crossing and intersection configuration. As a result, we can contribute to the design of sustainable cities which meet the needs of future populations.

Frank Reynolds, Marketing Manager, Antycip Simulation
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